BGP route propagation debugger.


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Leave empty to show all paths.
Default to 25; set to 0 to show all paths.
By default, as-graph shows the propagation of routes originated by the given ASN only. Enable this to include downstream routes. Note that this can be slow and may fail.
By default, as-graph takes data from RIPE RIS only. Enable this option to load paths from RouteViews project. Note that loading data from RouteViews can be slow and may fail.
Enable this option to use as-name as graph labels. Note that you can always hover on labels to check their as-name.
Enable this option to group and highlight large ISPs in a separate cluster.
Enable this option to orient the graph vertically.
Enable this option to show console.
as-paths and prefixes lists throughout the session. Click this to remove the cached entries.
as-names are cached in persistent storage. Click this to remove the cached entries.


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